John C. Savage
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New CD! A Moment in Mythica may be purchased through cd baby.  Released on Teal Creek Music, the album features six solo compositions and improvisations for Brannen-Cooper Kingma System quartertone flute c-flute, Kingma System alto flute, and piccolo. 

“This album is but one moment encompassing twenty years of my musical history. All of these compositions contain elements of improvisation, some notated with improvised sections, some completely improvised, and others conceived first as improvisations and fully notated later. They represent an ongoing journey to create my own language for the flute.”  
                                 --John C. Savage
“. . . Savage is a badass, knock-down-drag-out force to be reckoned with. . . .” 
                                                                                 --Williamette Week
”[His] flute playing is gorgeous.” 
                                                                                           --Downbeat Magazine 

“Savage’s yearning flute sound, with the band closing around him like shadows in moonlight, is exquisite on [Andrew Hill’s] ‘Faded Beauty.’ ”
                                                                                            --The Guardian (UK)

“The jaw-dropping highlight of the evening was the sudden appearance of fiery, freeform alto saxophonist John Savage, who burst from the shadows with horn wailing. . . .” 

“John Savage's flute, which emulates a Japanese shakuhachi, suggests shadows and mists...”
                                                                                      --The Washington Post