John C. Savage
 A Moment in Mythica may be purchased through cd baby.  Released on Teal Creek Music, the album features six solo compositions and improvisations for Brannen-Cooper Kingma System quartertone flute c-flute, Kingma System alto flute, and piccolo. 

“Flutists are bound to admire Savage’s control, his musical self-sufficiency, and his sheer endurance in pulling off this substantial opus.”  
                             --flutist Alexa Still

The Demolition Duo is the new CD by flutist and saxophonist John C. Savage and drummer Ken Ollis. It is available for purchase on PJCE Records. 

“The Demolition Duo is highly focused despite being entirely improvised. The two musicians are highly tuned in to one another with effortless transitions, endings, and textural choices sounding almost as if they were planned in advance.”

                        --courtesy of PJCE Records
                                                                                    Love Letters We Never Sent, a dialogue                                   between                                                                   between poet Claudia F. Savage and musician
                                                                                John C. Savage (AKA Thick in the Throat
                                                                                Honey) is available on Bandcamp as a digital                                                                                 
                                                                                “It will make you blush.”

                                                                                              --Stephanie Heit, poet and dancer


                                                                                   Black Heron and the Spoonbill, by Cartridge
                                                                               (John C. Savage--winds, Will Northlich-                   
                                                                                Redmond--guitar, electronics, percussion), is           
                                                                                now available on PJCE Records. It was 
                                                                                recently featured on Bandcamp weekly! Read
                                                                                what the Willamette Week has to say about
                                                                                this avant world-jazz release, and listen to the 
                                                                                PJCE podcast.