The (2nd) Triumphant Return of Groove Revelation!

The weather thwarted us in December, but we are back and even more excited about playing again at the amazing Skyline Tavern! If you were in Portland in the 90s, you likely remember a thriving "acid jazz" scene that featured many bands rocking original jazz inspired fusion, funk, and everything else all over the city. Groove Revelation was born in those times. 20 years after the recording of their first album: "Arch Cape Sessions" and 5 years since their last public performance together, the Revelation rises again! We are thrilled to perform at the amazing Skyline Tavern on Saturday, January 14, 2017 at 7PM. Join us for an evening of inspiring original music with founding members John Savage, Dave Fleschner, Tyler Smith, and G Douglas Bundy and featuring the amazing Ken Ollis on Drums. Can't wait to see you there! To tide you over till the show, listen to tracks from our 2nd album, Grindin'.


Acid Jazz, Roots Rock, and Free Improvisation

It seems that a mish-mash of musical genres that have been steady companions in my musical career have decided to all assert themselves the last weeks of 2016. In late October and early November I played both New Orleans funk and free improvisation with the Bundy Band and Demolition Duo respectively, and before Thanksgiving,  ReSoundings presented a beautiful and challenging concert at Oregon State that included works by Roscoe Mitchell and the late Pauline Oliveros. My upcoming gigs continue this streak of eclectic styles.

Groove Revelation, my long-time original fusion or "acid jazz" band as it was once called, is reuniting for a 20th anniversary performance on December 10th at The Skyline Tavern. The rehearsals sound fabulous--you could easily say that we sound better than ever! Here's our 2000 release on CD baby: Grindin'

Lovejoy (formerly the Jon Ostrom Band) will also be playing its brand of roots rock and Americana at the Alberta Street Public House on December 9th. Jon Ostrom writes great tunes, and the Derek and Dominoes and John Scofield tunes are always a hit.

I'll be joining two of Portland's best improvising musicians, Tim DuRoche and Andre St. James for a Creative Music Guild sponsored gig at Turn, Turn, Turn on December 7th. Starting the show will be the duo of Carson and Rich Halley. They're releasing a new drum and tenor outing entitled "The Wild."

New Orleans, Free Improvisation, and Chamber Music

What an evening of music last Friday night with The Bundy Band at the Skyline Tavern! Highlights included G Douglas Bundy's clarinet intro to A Closer Walk with Thee, and David Fleschner's keyboard solo on Let's Go Get 'em. I personally really enjoyed playing the flute-funk breakdown on Trombone Shorty's Hurricane Season.

Next up this month will be my Duo with Ken Ollis, Demolition Duo, opening for the Rich Halley 4 at Turn, Turn, Turn, November 13th. On November 18th, I'll be switching gears and performing with ReSoundings, my chamber trio with Dana Reason and Catherine Lee down at OSU's Music a la Carte series. The plan is to also record Roscoe Mitchell's chamber version of Nonaah at a nearby studio after the gig. 

Creative Music Guild's 25th Anniversary

Tonight the Creative Music Guild (CMG) is celebrating 25 years of bringing creative improvised music to Portland. I remember seeing artists such as Steve Lacy and Bert Wilson at CMG shows while in college, and more recent notable shows have included Roscoe Mitchell and Joelle Leandre. Since 2010, I've volunteered for the organization in various capacities, from working the door at shows, writing grants as a part of the Development Committee, and acting as Assistant Artistic Director. I've also played my share of shows with an array of local musicians, often in support of visiting artists. With the recent change of artistic directors from Ben Kates to Michael Gamble, and my desire to perform and create more music myself (while balancing a family life!), it seemed like the right time to step down from my leadership and committee duties with the CMG. I know the organization will flourish with its current and future leadership for another 25 years. I hope to see you at the party tonight at Turn Turn Turn!

Jon Ostrom Band

Excited to be playing new music with old friends this weekend. Join me as part of Pickin' on Sundays at the Doug Fir Lounge Sunday, August 14, 2016. 3PM.

We'll be outside playing dance-worthy funky rock n' roll. I'll be the one on alto saxophone and flute with my brother in music, G Douglas Bundy, on tenor. What a horn section.